Just Go Ahead and Get Those Teeth, Already!

‘lil Man has been a bit of a bear the last few days.

He’s had 8 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom) for the past few months, but he hit a stopping point. It seems like it is time for him to get a few more teeth.

The usually happy baby boy that brightens our days has been crying at the drop of the hat. He hasn’t been eating like himself (but he’s had the diapers that smell like all he’s done is eat). The only things that make him happy are straws, popsicles, and his Mama.

His Daddy is ready for him to get these teeth. He’s been dealing with the tears and the frustrating eating moments, and he needs deserves a break. C’mon, ‘lil Man! Get those teeth and bring your sunshiney personality back, quick!


Mr Fussy Was a Bear


…and so begins our journey into double toddler-dom. Lil Man is sprouting tooth 1 and 2 this week. Kiddo, all at once, really? Why do you take after your daddy in the “I’ll just carry all the groceries in one trip” department?

While you wouldn’t believe it, both of E’s bottom teeth have busted through. He is still nursing well, and eating up a storm of solids. Don’t “most babies” starve themselves while teething? Not our peanut. Hopefully he will start to show off those pearly whites in a smile and cut his daddy a break.