To Trap a Leprechaun

Last week, ‘lil Miss A came home with a preschool homework assignment. “Build and bring in your leprechaun trap on March 14.” This Pinterest crazy mama thought it would be the perfect craft for us to do. I had visions, and my visions had visions.

Then, I forgot about the project, and next thing I knew, it was Monday the 12th and I hadn’t “pinned” anything for the project let alone searched Google for what in the world was a Leprechaun trap. If I had been smart, I would have called upon the creative genius that is Burgh Baby (who I am sure would have jumped at the chance to help the kid out–her daughter would tell you they are creepy, and she knows from experience). But alas, I did not. I grabbed an empty paper box and told my cousin J that I needed to do this project. She googled, and laughed, told me, “oh my, are they green!”. I went home with visions of deep green and glitter. I forgot the box. I didn’t stop for supplies. I went for a run in the misty rain, and I fed the kids and husband Taco Bell for dinner. I failed, and we had one day left to do the project.

Tuesday evening, I went to the craft store (which had clearanced the St. Patrick’s Day supplies out–there was barely anything left on the shelves) and ended up grabbing some glittery gift bags, stickers, and clover garland. Something would work. A and I gathered our supplies (no scrapping tape, just some couponed packing tape and scissors), and we got to work. The trap needed a ladder (A’s demand), so I made one out of gold rope. She stuck coins to the side to tempt the ‘lil Leprechaun, and plastered on rainbows and shamrocks.

She was proud of her trap, but didn’t understand why a Leprechaun didn’t just come waltzing up our table and into the trap right away. (She’s going to have trouble when she goes hunting.) We tucked the trap beside my bag so she’d be able to take it into school and went to sleep. The next morning, she was upset that she still hadn’t caught a Leprechaun, and I had to explain to her that they only come out on Fridays (because that’s when the trap would be filled at school). She associates Friday’s with dinner at Great Great’s and is always aware of how long it is until then, so she said, “Ok, Leprechaun. You have two days.”

Friday came and went. The trap came home from school, and Mr. Burgher didn’t have an update for me about what she did (or didn’t) catch. I didn’t think to ask her about it before she left for my parents, and there is nothing in that darn trap this morning. I think we’ve been scammed, or else she’s joining the “baby” of Burgh Baby’s camp. Creepy Leprechauns anyways.

(PS, have you checked out our cute ‘lil Man as a Leprechaun? That is not creepy in the least!)


Pre-School Valentines

Today was ‘lil Miss A’s class valentine party. A’s teacher asked me if I would be able to make it today, and I was lucky enough to rearrange my schedule so I could be there. I was working from home in the morning, and ended up rushing in last minute, but just in time for A to pass out her “I Love You a Ton” valentines I made while scrapping in January, and Oreos that Mr. Burgher couponed (and our dairy free ‘lil one can eat).

The kids were so sweet, all sitting quietly on their carpet squares (and trying so hard not to eat the bundles of Kisses they were given). Next, they did crafts–a lady bug made of hearts and a door hanger covered in cute foamies. ‘lil Miss A played her turn at an octopus ring toss game, then it was snack time.

“Why does A always get special snacks?” her friends asked me. “Why can’t she have icing on her cupcake?” Oh, the joys of explaining to three year olds that some things just don’t sit right with our bodies. A didn’t mind as she was given a cupcake with none of the icing (but oh, can I say it looked SO good?) and ate it all up (even licking the wrapper).

Soon, it was time to go, but we had to wait for Mr. Burgher to pick us up. A and two of her friends got to stick around and play a match game with Oreo shapes. I was delighted to watch her learn, and it made me miss teaching (and wonder what being a SAHM would be like). We got in the car, and she proclaimed that it was a beautiful day. “Mama, you don’t have to go to work now. You can just play with me all day long!”

Sorry, kiddo, I wish every day could be like today. Hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day party!

Her First Day

As you saw yesterday, Lil Miss A has started Pre-School! Several have asked how it went, so here is your bonus post to tell all. 🙂

The morning started off quiet, she and I got ready together. Every step I took to get ready to get out the door, she felt she had to do. We pretended to put deodorant, perfume, and makeup on her, brushed our teeth in sync with each other, and put on our shoes together.

She posed for pictures and yelled that she needed her backpack on NOW. Mr. Burgher, as always, made her wish his command and captured her usual goofy camera avoidance.

Mr. Burgher and Lil Man wanted to go along with us on the first day, so we packed into the two cars–Mama and Lil Girl in one, Daddy and Lil Man in the other. Since we normally let her eat breakfast on the road, I gave her a plate of cheerios and a banana. This spilled after my second right turn, so I had to pull off and rescue cheerios from all over the backseat (of the new car, meep!). We finally got on the highway and headed toward her school.

When we got to the school, she was bursting at the seams with excitement. She stared down a garbage truck and dared it to defy her crossing the street. We were followed into the school and classroom by another pre-3 student, and she was all about trying to talk him up.

As soon as we entered the classroom, she handed the teacher her backpack and was OFF AND RUNNING. We had to coax her to go hang her backpack up, but those are just the details, there was playing to be had! She seemed to fit right in, except she is so tiny and short compared to the rest of the class who is already 3. We found her birthday on the wall and took a few more photos.

After giving the teacher Mr. Burgher’s number (just in case), we were able to slip out with not a single tear from Mama, Daddy, or Lil Girl. Lil Man was chomping at the bit–I think we are going to have to send him to the 1’s and 2’s next year–but otherwise, we were good to go. She didn’t even see us walk out! Mr. Burgher and I headed to our cars and on our separate ways. Easy!

At 11, Mr. Burgher went to pick her up and she looked thrilled. Her teacher came out with a raincoat (far too big for A) because A said it was hers. (She is obsessed with rain gear, so if you need a birthday idea, hint hint, rain boots (size 6 1/2 or 7) and a rain coat would thrill her.) It wasn’t, of course. They got in the truck and she hugged her backpack tight, proclaiming that she LOVES PRE-SCHOOL!

She presented Mr. Burgher with a picture she drew us (you know, one of those masterpieces we are supposed to hold on to…actually, I should keep it and track her progress through year end now that I think about it), and kept talking about how much she loved school. When I came home, I poured over the take-home folder and swooned at the mass amounts of book order packets were sent home (a previous guilty pleasure of mine from my teaching days). Then I woke her from her nap and all she wanted to do was go back to Pre-School! I did ask if she got into any trouble, and she mentioned something about trouble for teaching (surprise, surprise), so Mr. Burgher plans on poking in a time or two to see if she’s causing any grief. 😉

Friday is her next day back, and she is ready!

Someone Needs to Stop Time

Seriously. Can one of you get on that? I know a few of you talk to the Big Man upstairs like we do, so maybe you can say an extra prayer or two for us?

This past weekend, my mind starting racing. Lil Miss A is growing up way too fast because too much time has passed between some events.

A friend told me that a dog I used to co-own passed away–it had been three and a half years since the Ex had returned her to the Humane Society and an old friend adopted her out of there.

(RIP Daisy)

Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast, making me think back to the night my roommate and I ventured out to greet Tropical Storm Hanna–this was three years ago this coming weekend and I had just hit the start of my 9th month of pregnancy.

(Me during Tropical Storm Hanna in Myrtle Beach 9.5.08, one month before A was born)

And, we got the welcome postcard that A was accepted into Preschool.

PRESCHOOL. Yup. Next Wednesday, I will be driving our first piece of precious cargo with me and dropping her off at preschool. Can you stand it? She is just growing way too fast, see?

This is her a year ago:

And this is her now:

I really can’t stand it.