Night Time Changes

A change to ‘lil Miss A’s night time has to come soon. She’s been interested in potty training since she was 20 months old, and relatively quickly picked it up. What we just can’t get down, however, is the night time training.

Part of this is for obvious reasons. Her room is at the top of the stairs, so we don’t keep her door open at night. She still relies on pull ups for nighttime use instead of escaping her room. The other part is flat out sleep habits. She sleeps well into the night, and through anything. I can’t really see her waking up and getting to the bathroom (which conveniently for her, is next to her room).

So, what do we do? What works for night time training? Help!

Tales of Traveling with ‘Lil Burghers: Part Two

Last time I talked about traveling with kids (a baby and a toddler), I told you all about how we always pack “Everything But the Kitchen Sink”. Today, I am over at Marine Parents Blog talking about the first car trip with a potty training toddler and what we packed to make it helpful. Please head over to read Part 2 of this summer’s Travel Series and be proud of ‘Lil Miss A!

(PS: April has lots of beautiful handmade products over at her Marine Parents Etsy Shop. You really should check that out, too.)