Bracing Ourselves

Today is ‘lil Man’s 11-month birthday…can you believe it? Not too many things have changed since last month, except he is getting taller and trying to say more words. A Mama fail, I didn’t think to snap a picture of him before Mr. Burgher took him and A to EB (while he’s on his mancation). But, I do have this (not so) amazing photo of him working on standing up in the crib (thank you, sad Droid!).

The only reason he looks unhappy is because he couldn’t get out! We are bracing ourselves…the lock everything down days are coming quickly.

Happy 11 months, ‘lil Man!

Sleep? What is That?

From about week 3 on, Mr. Burgher or I have not had to complain about the lack of sleep that most new parents do. Lil Man, true to family form, loves his sleep. But coming to this nine month mark, he’s been a beast at night. I hear from many reliable sources that this means he’s on the cusp of something big (walking?) developmentally.

But can a Mama and Daddy get some rest? Waking up at 3 or 4 AM with no apparent reason has become Lil Man’s habit. We sometimes turn on ESPN and let him veg until he passes out. Or one of us will hold him or walk with him or give him a bottle (because even 40 minutes of nursing isn’t enough).

It must be karma. When I was a baby, my mom said I refused to sleep unless she was somehow touching me (so she spent many nights on the floor of my room, holding my hand through the crib bars). How do I know? This weekend, while Mr. Burgher and I were at all things PodCamp (and making new friends), Lil Man slept two whole nights with his Pappy and Grammie from 9 PM to 6 AM without stirring. Just. Like. That.

We get him back Sunday afternoon, and he is wide awake, but luckily passes out with us at 8:30. Not long after, he’s back up and we both barely sleep. What gives? I was wondering if it was being in our room, but no, when at my parents’, he is in their room, too.

Even this evening (when I was graciously given 45 minutes during his nap to get ready for my scrapping weekend), as soon as Mr. Burgher and Lil Miss A pulled away from the curb, I heard giggling and found this:

Good thing he’s cute, right?

Evan Rolls Over

Today, while getting ready to take a nap, little mister Evan decided to try something new. He was laying on his tummy and rolled over to his back! This is something he’s been trying to do for a few days now (ever since the doctor asked if he could, it’s like he knew he was supposed to be somewhere along that development line and he faced a challenge to do it), so it’s awesome to see that he’s finally taken it the whole way! When Greg realized what had happened, E looked up at him like, “What? Yep, I did that.” Taking after his sister already, awesome. 😉

Once he starts doing this more on the regular, we’ll have to capture a video so you can see it too. What a great start to the weekend!