Remembering Each Other

You may have noticed we slacked yesterday. No blog post, shame shame. This was intentional through most of the day and then critical at the wee moments before bed. My eyes were blurred, my mind was shut off, our day was simply done. What a good decision to step away for a moment and just *be*!


Sometimes, stepping away is crucial to any relationship. In this case, it meant Mr. Burgher and I stepping away from our “addictions” and just enjoying time together. You can’t lose sight of the couple when married–you are a person, a couple, and then a parent.

So yesterday, we did that. I let go of work to-do lists and he let go of coupon organization. We did go shopping as a family, but as a reward enjoyed salmon burgers for dinner. Mr. Burgher and I (in between kiddo interruptions) even got to watch two movies (thank you, Valentines present from moi) before the day was done.

It sounds so silly to think that you can live with someone but feel so unconnected, but you can. There are days you feel like you’re just going through a routine of lunch packing, work/school drop offs, fundraising, working out, diaper changing, housecleaning, story reading, and dish washing. That’s why couples need and deserve moments, days, weekends, and even weeks to just focus on each other and remember why they are a “we”.

Mr. Burgher, I applaud you. You never let me lose sight of us amidst all the crazy that is our life. You keep me connected to you, even if it is through a random “I Love You” text in the middle of the day or a kiss when you return from a late night couponing trip. I hope we can teach our children the importance of continuing to date their spouse and not lose sight in the mundane day to day of life. Your focus on us will be a powerful model for them, and I thank you.

A New Status


(Sort of.)

This morning, Mr. Burgher decided after 2 1/2 years, 2 kids, and a house, it was time to put a ring on it. He delivered the sweetest proposal then slipped a ring on my finger. 😉

We got a good laugh about how a water bottle ring brought tears to my eyes, but we also realize that sometimes a ‘lil spark is just what a marriage needs. After two kids, a dog, a house, two busy jobs, and completely doing a 360 from where we were when we started out, you sometimes get lost in the stuff.

Yesterday, we talked about how parenting is hard, and I won’t lie and say marriage is easy…but it is more than worth it. I’ve been blessed with an amazing man who loves me through the T’s and D’s, the sunshine, rainbows, and unicorn farts (which DO glitter). Everyday I wake and realize how lucky we got.

Mr. Burgher, I am looking forward to all the laughs that our future together will bring. Thank you for always pushing me to see that everything really will be alright, every little thing.