What a Vocabulary!

I have to admit, after having a kid who gives us stories that I refuse to post on the blog (thank you, KISS FM), I was a bit scared when my mom asked me if I knew what a vocabulary Lil Man has.

Luckily, there was nothing to be scared of.  Currently, his words (in context, except Dadda which is the universal, hey parent type, I need you) are:
Brober (or Bubbby)

But no Mama!

I still love ya Lil Man! Xoxo, MAMA


Butterfly Kisses and First Words

Mr. Burgher and I were just about ready to call it a night. Sports Center was on, and we were in that zone where you know sleep is the right answer. All of the sudden, the crib keyboard lights up. We hear giggles and kicks, then Dada! Dada! Dada! over and over.

(Yesterday, August 16, he added Dada to his very distinct, appropriate use of Heyyyy. His vocabulary will soon be too much to handle, we’ll be asking when he learned “spider web over there”, ahem.)

Admittedly, I was saddened that he wanted Dada, so I went to pick him up and he smiled and cooed. Maybe he did really want me? We tried snuggling, but I was in some residual sciatic pain and had to pass him off to the crib meanie Mr. Burgher. Within seconds, he was crying, so it was suggested that maybe he was thirsty (Mama has a whole ‘nother blog in mind.) We snuggled up again, this time much more comfortably and we went to work.

A few minutes into it, Mr. Burgher went downstairs to prep for the morning commute and left me and Lil Man to the feeding. I felt something brush over my arm and immediately cursed the darn bugs I swear have been creepy crawling all over me (since the windows are open n’at). I swiped my arm and still felt it. Adjusting Lil Man didn’t help, it only moved the feeling.

Silly Mama.

Lil Man was falling out and giving me Butterfly Kisses with those adorable (girls be jealous) long eyelashes of his! He felt it comforting, but I think Mama did even more. What a precious moment Mama and Lil Man had together.

It sort of wipes away the sting of not hearing either of your kids’ first repetitive words involving Mama. Besides, I could swear A said Mama, Mama up pretty early on and just favored Dada as much as I do…I teach my lil ones early. 😉