Words of Encouragement #BFing #BlogHop

Today’s post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by Life With Levi, The Slacker Mom, and Diary of a Devil Dog Wife and the topic is “Words of Encouragement”.

My journey of 11+ months of #BFing success would not have been as smooth had it not been for words and actions of encouragement. Here are some of my favorites.

Christmas Eve 2010 early in the morning (around 7:30 AM), I was at my lowest point in my journey (one week in, sore, tired, and wanting to give up). My cousin, an experienced Mama herself, dropped off muffins, a book about babies, lanolin, and a “you got this” message. It meant the world to me.

A friend, who had just given birth to her own nursling, opened her nursery for me one evening after work when I was rushing from one thing to the next. I was able to pump in peace and comfort and still balance my life.

The strangers who nursed beside me while ‘lil Man napped at Kennywood. Their strength and courage as Mamas was powerful.

The truck driver on our drive up 79. I am sure he caught a glimpse of what I was doing, but he wasn’t fazed by it.

A cousin’s boyfriend who joked, asking if one side was chocolate. It was funny, but it set the mood that what I was doing was welcome and ok.

The aunt who asked me to help her daughter and boyfriend with a breast pump conversation.

My husband, who dutifully measures out frozen milk even today and makes sure ‘lil Man gets what he needs. A constant source of strength and understanding. To have him in my life, I am so lucky.

Twitter friends and Breastfeeding Blog Hop Mamas who proudly share latching stories, the ups and downs of life as a nursing mama. When one of us is up late at night, there is sure to be another.

The mothers who pump exclusively—because they know it is what is best. It cannot be very convenient, but it gives me strength.

My daughter, who nursed her baby dolls. My mother and mother in law who both set the way.

All the Mamas at the “Latch On at the Beach”—I was so proud to be part of this day in my old town.

And for those of you needing encouragement? Here are my words. You got this. You really can do this if you put your mind to it. This is an amazing time for you and your child. While I may be at the very end of my time as a nursing mama, I am here.

Thanks to all who’ve been supportive along the way. It really helps get through the times of criticism, pain, and even embarassment. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


He Doesn’t Need Me (At Night)

This week’s post is part of the Life With Levi Breastfeeding Blog Hop. Today’s topic is “Night Weaning”.

The ‘Lil Burghers, we like our sleep. All of us. Even when we are causing our schedule to be out of whack, we all are guilty of loving sleep.

I am going to get hate mail for this, I am sure, but I’ve really lucked out. Lil Man had his moments hours of being awake at night the first three weeks. I can’t blame him. We were holding him, loving him, and getting to know him. He just wanted to be the constant life of the party. Eventually, after Mr. Burgher’s family went back home, the New Year arrived, and the Christmas tree was down, we settled into a schedule. A schedule that meant at about three weeks, Lil Man was sleeping through the night. We are talking out by 10 or 11 and then down until 7 or 8.

So for me, night weaning never really was an issue. For a few weeks, I would wake and quickly pump (I had work to prepare for), but eventually I tired of that and just got my rest, too. Even now, when Lil Man is ready to be up and at ’em in the middle of the night, it’s not an issue. It’s like we just know how to function together. I guess you can say we’re lucky.