Missing Aunt Rin

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a company I do reviews for to do a ideo about who we miss the most. There was going to be a contest; however, that got cancelled. I had the video on our YouTube site, and Aunt Rin happened to stumble on it yesterday. Time to share with all of you!

Miss you, Rin!


Privacy? What is that?


Beware. This post is not exactly G-rated, but it is real parenting, let me tell you.

“Long ago” when A was a baby, I took her in the shower with me and she turned into a kid that hates baths and loves showers. Thank you single motherhood. Even today, she prefers showers but takes the occasional bath to help Daddy out. When she showers, she can now go in alone and ask for help soaping and scrubbing. Easy enough.

Lil Man has been bathing, so he wasn’t privy to the joys of a quick, refreshing shower…until Saturday. There was a meltdown that prevented me from shopping before Family Fun. The meltdown required Mama to hold him. Normally, we would let him have a moment, bit this wasn’t going away. For fear his back arches would turn into an injury, I just did what he wanted and held him.

Well, life had to go on. I told him to hang on, cause he was going to be introduced to the shower. This first experience wasn’t spiritual like it was for A, but lil Man did enjoy squishing bubbles on my face. He loved being wrapped in my bath sheet (while I froze) and snuggling under our covers as I found him clothes.

Privacy just goes away when you are a parent.

It, of course, gets better.

When I had A, I shared a 3 bedroom house with my friend M. My room was the master, so I never had to shut the bathroom door. When Mr. Burgher and I got our first house together, there was only one bathroom. It wasn’t uncommon for one to have to brush their teeth while the other showered or read a magazine. Moving to a house with two baths didn’t change much…you’ve been warned.

On any given moment, it is not uncommon for an adult to read a magazine, a child to throw forks in the tub, a child to be washing her (not) dirty hands, and two dogs to be begging for attention…all in 6 square feet of space.

I guess we should be flattered, they love being around us and have picked up some healthy habits. Now if only we can teach them to shut the door and not have to accompany the adults everywhere.

Cause sometimes, a parent just wants to read an ever loving magazine.

Can You Believe It? #16Months

Yesterday was ‘lil Man’s 16 month birthday. He’s growing so fast, and showing us that he’s going to be a smarty pants just like his sister. We can’t keep him full enough…he loves to scream “CRACKKKKKKAS!” He loves to mumble himself to sleep…and loves to tell me no when it’s time to get up from a nap. (On Tuesday, I pulled the blanket off him and he threw up his hand and waved, “BYEEEE MAMA”.)

This month, ‘lil Man’s favorite things to do included:
* Waving to the elephants at the zoo
* Hunting for eggs
* Eating peeps
* Chasing the dogs away from his food
* Riding in the jeep with ‘lil Miss A
* Making dinosaur ROARS

Our Elephant Memories

When we visit the zoo, our kids, by far, enjoy the elephants the most. ‘lil Miss A’s first real word (at 2 months old, and I can’t make this stuff up) was “Ellie”. (Granted, she didn’t speak a peep again for a LONG time.) ‘lil Man was captivated on this last trip, staring for minutes on end and waving (as if the elephants could see him). One of the best things that the Zoo offers is an opportunity for a photo with one of the elephants. We’ve taken the chance twice now, and will probably continue to share a “progression” as the kids get older.

Here we are in 2010, the summer I was pregnant with ‘lil Man:

And here we are last Friday:

Dinosaur Easter Eggs

Thanks to a post over at Newlyweds Blog, I got the idea to make (what the kids called) Dinosaur Easter Eggs which then turned into deviled eggs for our family party on Sunday. Here’s how it went down, in a slideshow version!

(Hard boil eggs + gently roll to crack the shells carefully + food color + vinegar + water + overnight in the fridge + peel = dinosaur eggs!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In Search of Eggs

Last weekend, ‘lil Man and ‘lil Miss A got to take part in an Easter Egg hunt at one of my dad’s churches. The kids gathered lots of eggs with Grammie and Mr. Burgher’s help, then Pappy told the Easter story by sharing Resurrection Eggs that were hidden throughout the yard. ‘lil Man really enjoys him some eggs, and he would have let the world know if he could have.