#PghToteChallenge Final Thoughts

Hard to believe, but the Tote Bag Challenge is officially complete! One fine (in the tune of a donated tote bag) is all that we were charged.

Yesterday, we spent time at the I Made It Market! Jr and Family day at Bakery Square. We took around one of our favorite totes to hold our goodies:

After our day out, I went on our big grocery trip. We’re talking “massive”, happens every other month big. The cashier and bagger were awesome. Somehow, I almost ran out of space in all my bags and there was a near grocery bag incident; however, I quickly explained the Challenge importance and found extra space in a lighter bag. About 20 tote bags fill later, I was checked out and on my way back home.

2 months’ worth of staple groceries packed into tote bags and the Durango!

Next, it was time for ‘lil Miss A and I to go to the Tote Bag Project’s Anniversary Celebration. A was hyped up the most, jumping all over the Crazy Mocha rugs (and she was the one drinking water) and pulling the raffle prizes. She was the lucky winner of a pretty nifty re-purposed license plate purse.

Afterwards, she asked for a hamburger and fries (what is it with us and Tote Bag events/Wendy’s or Pens games/Wendy’s?), so in we went with our trusty dinner to go tote. She proudly put the tote on the counter and we easily got the food in the bag. Since it was her food, she happily carried the bag over her shoulder and out the door. I think the lessons learned have even filtered to the kids!

(If you’d like to see more photos from our day, check out our Earth Day Flickr set and the TBP Anniversary Celebration Flickr Set! Keep in mind…I was using this day to get used to my new 50mm lens…so there’s definitely a learning curve in the photos!)

+ + +

All in all, this Challenge has been a great insight for us, and we will surely think more about using reusable bags more often than not. We are thankful for the sponsors, pledges, and donors who we’ve inspired this week. Tote Bag Project? Thanks for letting us join in the fun!


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