#PghToteChallenge Day 6 Thoughts

Yesterday was day 6 of the Tote Bag Project’s Tote Challenge. Sticking with traditions, we headed to the big screen and had to grab dinner on our way there. (Aside, I sure hope this doesn’t put a damper on my efforts to drop a few more pounds before Mud on the Mountain!) I took the tote bag in because of all the interesting situations we’ve had in the drive thru, and the cashier was confused but not unfriendly.

(In case you’re wondering, I turn the bag inside out because it has a plastic outside, making it easier to clean.)

Oh, caught a cool tote in action at work today. The owner told me they always use totes for groceries because it just makes sense.

And sadly, leaving the Big Screen, I saw this bag floating around as we drove:

Limited chances to slip up, but we are continuing to do well. Today is the last day, but there are lessons that are going to stick with us for a long time.

‘lil Burghers 5, disposable bags 1


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