#PghToteChallenge Day 5 Thoughts and Couponing

Today felt like it was way too easy. In a way, I had to wonder if I broke the rules again with a pre-packaged version of oatmeal, but, as instructed, I was able to recycle it (see?)

Lunch, as usual, was in my lunch tote, and Mr. Burgher and the kids stayed at home and did lawn work and A cleaned her toy room (ahem). There were no opportunities for a slip up for them.

One of my co-workers was caught with two tote bags (but the saddest thing is that he’s the same person who had the bright yellow one the other day). Another co-worker made me smile because she took two huge bags of disposable bags to our recycle box, win!

After work, I went to coupon. Most of my trip involved 12-packs of Pepsi Next, so that was clearly not going into a bag. At the first store, it was plenty easy to ask for my items to be thrown in a tote bag (the same one we used yesterday for our dinner). I had to go to another store because the first one was out of what I needed, but from experience, I knew the items I’d be picking up were small enough to toss in my purse and go.

It was straight home to cook dinner and pack one more lunch for the week. With just two days left, I think it’s safe to say we’ve really been thinking about the impact of our choices. Saturday could be a different challenge with I Made It Market! Jr (have you seen the goodies? If not, check out this giveaway and the others I’ve linked…most end tomorrow!!!). (Shameless promtion!)

‘lil Burghers 4; disposable bags 1.


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