#PghToteChallenge Day 4 Thoughts

“We’re not using disposable bags this week, so can you put our food in this bag,” asked the always polite Mr. Burgher.

“What?!?!” Asked the drive thru operator.

“I’d like my food in here, not in your bags.”

“Hold on,” she says, shutting the window.
A manager comes for clarification. We explain and she says sure. Our food is placed in our tote bag and handed out. BAM!



Four days in, and we’ve had some odd looks, but mostly good conversation about why we are doing this. The goods outweigh the glares, and it is making us think.

Even though Mr. Burgher had to pull a Kimberly Gill at Target today, we’ve definitely upped our awareness.

‘lil Burghers 3, disposable bags 1.


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