#PghToteChallenge Day 3 Thoughts

It’s Day 3 of the Tote Bag Project’s Tote Bag Challenge, and we are still 1 for 3! Phew.

When I set out for the day, I made sure to grab a tote bag for me and set one out for Mr. Burgher. I would be eating dinner out due to a meeting, and he would be picking up school fundraiser food, so it was important to think ahead. Here are my bags ready for the day:

At work, I did a little cleaning up and found three bags to recycle. I posted about that on Twitter and took the bags to the recycle box in our break room.

I enjoyed my packed lunch and just so happened to find this in the trash. If this is yours, shame!

Anyways, Mr. Burgher had a decently cool experience at McDonalds’ drive thru. When he got to the payment window, he asked them to put the food in his Penguins tote bag. By the time the employee brought the bag to the window, she told Mr. Burgher that he almost didn’t get his bag back because everyone liked it so much.

As for me, I opted for Subway because I wanted dinner for tonight and lunch for tomorrow. The girls at the counter had a great time with the fact that I was going sans bag this week. They asked lots of questions, and I was glad to share. While the guy behind me in line probably didn’t appreciate it, I sure did! This ended our third day of the Tote Bag Challenge, and it’s definitely making us think differently. What a great experience.


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