’tis True, “Unless…”

This afternoon, my parents took us out to a movie, and the only one that was really appropriate for the kids was The Lorax. Admittedly, I wasn’t 100% excited to see this movie, and I know that sounds weird from an ex-teacher/mom, but I was more a “Boxcar Children” kid than a Dr. Suess kid. But then, I remembered something about trees and thought it was probably going to be decent.

And, it was. For ‘lil Man’s first movie, it wasn’t so great (he and Mr. Burgher had to step out twice, and eventually gave up and went outside), but ‘lil Miss A loved it. I loved it. The message was something we all need to hear, and it was a feel good movie. If one person doesn’t show they care, the world may never know to care. What a great thought to share with the kids!

image courtesy of http://www.jessegiglio.com/


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