Sad ‘lil Man


Yesterday (Mr. Burgher’s birthday), ‘lil Man was sad and miserable. He didn’t want to play or eat, a sure sign something was up.

We went to the Aviary (more on that another day). This is his favorite place because he loves birds, especially penguins and pelicans (fitting for our history). We tried letting him run walk around, but all he wanted was to sit in the stroller. He even cried at Penguin Point.

A carryout dinner was arranged, then we checked for a fever (because this was the first we noticed he was warm). The ‘lil Man was 101.9, but quickly fell to 99 after some Tylenol, juice, and a small first ever vomit. (Have I mentioned this kid is healthy as a horse? Besides the earache, this is it. And this was day 10 of the meds for that.) He snuggled lots and went to bed early. Mama did, too, and now we owe Mr. Burgher a better birthday evening.

Hopefully today he will be more himself, but he’s still snoozing. Guess the kid needs to sleep it off. Feel better, ‘lil Man!


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