A Night Without Best Friend

Within his first days of life, ‘lil Man quickly became attached to his best friend. This glowing seahorse is a must for sleeping through the night, even when the batteries are running low.

Last night, Mr. Burgher made a startling discovery–he had forgot to send Best Friend to my parents’ house with ‘lil Man. That meant two nights without Best Friend, and I was a bit anxious to hear what would happen. It had been a rough evening with ‘lil Man already, he was miserable because he missed his late afternoon nap and was dressed in a sweatsuit. My grandmother keeps her house extra cozy warm, so ‘lil Man couldn’t get comfortable. I just hoped his bad mood wouldn’t continue for my parents.

Reports from Pappy confirm, he fussed a little, but quickly found a replacement and fell asleep. Thank goodness he’s going on like nothing is wrong.

And seriously, when was he this little?


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