Falling Apart…Together

This morning on one of my drives, I heard one of my favorite Lee Brice songs, Falling Apart Together, and I have to admit, it reminded me of the last few days around here. We can’t let it get to us, though, because it will be a snowball effect.

Things started to go downhill Monday night, then Mr. Burgher started to feel under the weather. Luckily, I’ve been able to drive, so it’s relieved him a little bit. Today, however, he wasn’t feeling well enough to drop A at preschool and then pick her up, so my work day was off kilter. All of the work I did at the office disappeared when I undocked my laptop to bring her home, so my first task coming home was to do re-work.

They really went downhill when, for some reason, Mr. Burgher took a trip downstairs and discovered water on the basement floor. Yup, our water heater is rusting out and leaking. Luckily, we have ONE day left on our home warranty for this year (and a renewal that begins on Thursday). A call to our home warranty center didn’t help much, they couldn’t help us find a plumber–as if we are in some plumber dead zone. The tough thing is we have people and skills to get it swapped out, but the warranty will not cover the purchase of just any ol’ water heater and install. Nope, has to be done by a licensed/certified plumber. And of course, it has to be paid for up front then reimbursed (which makes sense).

This made me wonder when our tax refund would be in. Guess what? We’re impacted by the delay and won’t have our money (also due tomorrow) until 2 weeks from today.

It’s like Lee sings, we might be falling apart, but we’re falling apart together! Thank goodness.


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