Manic Monday

Today has just been one of those days, you know, the kind that you sink into bed at 8:45 because the kids are asleep and you really have nothing else to do but blog and watch some Celebrity Apprentice on DVR. The day wasn’t exceptionally difficult, it was just a long one filled with incomplete to do lists and a new experience.

First, I went back to driving today after a month hiatus due to my vertigo. Remember that. It’s going to be important. My freedom was back, the sun was out, and I was quite happy. While I was home, my family was busy have a pajama party without me, but that was fine by me because two of them were on the BRAT Diet, and the Mister had to deal with that. I don’t blame him for it being pajama day!

For lunch, I got to try the Tomato Mozzarella sandwich that my cousin J always suggests. Can I say, I am sad for all the times I’ve missed out on it! I also got to meet with my nutritionist and tell him I didn’t meet my goal (by one pound), but that I was motivated to get moving. In addition, he told me about how he’s going to help me train for Mud on the Mountain, and I got super pumped. My first workout with him will be next Wednesday, and I can’t wait to complain gush to you the details.

Kids, this next topic is something that I should really let your Daddy explain because he is a bit more experienced than I at this, but I digress. You know how bloggers talk about “if you blog about it not happening, it happens”? Well, in couples, when you talk about it not happening, it tends to happen. I was in my own world driving home from work and was a bit excited to be pumping the sounds of Notorious B.I.G. through my speakers. I noticed a police car behind me and didn’t really think anything about it…until his lights came on. Long story short, I ended up with the second time I’ve been pulled over in my life and my first…citation. Oops! Lesson learned, no more California Rolls for me.

My tail between my legs, I handed Mr. Burgher my paperwork and he thought it was something I pulled from the mail that was his. It helped ease my pain for a moment, and then he welcomed me to the club. Dear kids–hopefully your first will be when you are almost 29, we can only hope.


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