Our Heart Day


Since I am still not driving (thank you, vertigo), our Valentine’s Day started with Mr. Burgher and the kids driving me to work. A few hours later, they picked me up for lunch. When I stepped out into the oddly warm yet snowy day, I was greeted by Mr. Burgher waiting to open my door AND hand me three roses, one from each of my hearts (or…perhaps they were one for each year we’ve been paired up as a couple?).

Our secret lunch adventure was simple and quick, perfect for what we needed for a lunch with the kids. At Qdoba, we got a free entree by kissing (aw, cheesy) and enjoyed just being able to be together in the middle of the day.

After work, it was off to coupon, grab some “Eat Fresh” (I wasn’t cooking and needed a lunch for today, too, silly), and get home. (Did I mention while couponing I bought Mr. Burgher’s gifts? Slack. At least tomorrow he is getting HD DVR…and another surprise on Friday) We exchanged gifts, wrapped in none other than Tote Bags. This lucky Mama got a brownie pop pan and some other sweet gifts.

Simple and together, just the way we like to spend heart day!


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