I’m Bananas For You, ‘lil Man!

Dear ‘lil Man,

Your Mama looks into your big beautiful eyes every single day and absolutely melts. Your face is the perfect combination of your Daddy and me. I can see generations in you—what a lucky kid to have such a palette of amazing genes. The way you laugh, even when you are mad, it makes me want to always be that happy. One day, I am certain that you will be on a big screen, whether it is singing with that voice like honey, that arm that can throw a ball across the room, or those feet that don’t stop dancing. Speaking of your feet. ‘lil Man, you sure know how to give the best gifts (like your Christmas ‘Mama’). Last night, you took some amazing steps toward Daddy. A free and memorable gift for today.

One year ago today, Mama had to leave you to go back to work. I honestly do not know how I did it, but I did it for all of us. Your smile keeps me going. Every morning, you give me the sweetest smile, never any tears, and it makes me realize everything is for a reason.

You are my ‘lil monkey, and I am going to be bananas for you for years.



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