I Love You a Ton, ‘lil Miss A!

Dear ‘lil Miss A,

It is hard to believe this is the fourth Valentine’s Day that you have brought joy to my soul. Every day, you prove to me that God really does have a reason for everything. Even in the moments when I struggle with you just flat out being three, I feel so much love for you. Your curiosity and mind that is like an elephant’s amaze me. If I got lost, all I would need to do is ask you to guide me home, and you would be able to do it—I have faith in your ‘lil mind.

When I think of pure love, your sweet face comes to mind. Every one you come across seems to fall deeply in love with your sweetness. While I would love to think that is a reflection on our parenting, I have learned that you really have your own way about going through life. You’re an independent ‘lil ball of fire that keeps us smiling and laughing, yet keeps us on our toes with your sass.

As you keep growing, my love for you keeps growing stronger. At this point, I love my ‘lil A a ton, and I know that love is just going to keep getting deeper.



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