Pre-School Valentines

Today was ‘lil Miss A’s class valentine party. A’s teacher asked me if I would be able to make it today, and I was lucky enough to rearrange my schedule so I could be there. I was working from home in the morning, and ended up rushing in last minute, but just in time for A to pass out her “I Love You a Ton” valentines I made while scrapping in January, and Oreos that Mr. Burgher couponed (and our dairy free ‘lil one can eat).

The kids were so sweet, all sitting quietly on their carpet squares (and trying so hard not to eat the bundles of Kisses they were given). Next, they did crafts–a lady bug made of hearts and a door hanger covered in cute foamies. ‘lil Miss A played her turn at an octopus ring toss game, then it was snack time.

“Why does A always get special snacks?” her friends asked me. “Why can’t she have icing on her cupcake?” Oh, the joys of explaining to three year olds that some things just don’t sit right with our bodies. A didn’t mind as she was given a cupcake with none of the icing (but oh, can I say it looked SO good?) and ate it all up (even licking the wrapper).

Soon, it was time to go, but we had to wait for Mr. Burgher to pick us up. A and two of her friends got to stick around and play a match game with Oreo shapes. I was delighted to watch her learn, and it made me miss teaching (and wonder what being a SAHM would be like). We got in the car, and she proclaimed that it was a beautiful day. “Mama, you don’t have to go to work now. You can just play with me all day long!”

Sorry, kiddo, I wish every day could be like today. Hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day party!


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