Thursday Nights

Why is it that I can never fall asleep early on a Thursday night? Here I am, wide awake, but I guarantee you I will a) drag tomorrow or b) crash tomorrow night at 9 PM (what a Friday). I blame it on my past, surely my body is in a cycle…here’s how my Thursday nights used to be (life before kids)…

* Choir practice nights at Pleasant Hill 
* Band or chorus concerts
* Church bowling league
* Church softball league
* Night class (all four years of college!)
* Fosters pizza nights after work at SVO
* Line dance lessons at the Wagon
* Celebrity Rehab and China King

So, here I am tonight, my body acting like it is a weekend, when in reality there’s still a workday to get through tomorrow. Thank goodness for jean days and a jam packed to do list.

Kids, you are sound asleep as per usual, lucky ducks! *Yawn*


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