Things I Hope They’ll Learn

Kids, you are both being very patient while your Daddy is couponing. It’s given me a few precious moments with you, but also has let us people watch from the truck. As we do, I have been gathering a list of things I hope you’ll learn about life.

* Don’t leave your car unlocked or windows down.

* Don’t litter. Running over someone’s cup, pop can, or ketchup packet isn’t funny. It can actually damage other vehicles.

* Speaking of that, don’t disrespect your car. I don’t know what you’ll drive in 13 years, but if its a run down piece of work, it doesn’t give you a right to hit other cars (even with your door).

* Don’t drive into a spot “coming in hot”. You never know when the neighboring car door will pop open or when a Mama or Daddy is unloading their young child.

* Always return your cart.

* Taking up two spots is disrespectful.

* Don’t stop singing and dancing.

* Don’t pick your nose…you never know who can see you.

* Fighting in public looks bad (this includes on social media).

* Walk in the crosswalk. Or atleast look both ways before you cross.

* A four way stop means all stop and take turns.

This are just a few things I hope to teach you!


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