Already? The Talk and Time Out

Today marked two milestones that I really didn’t want to have to meet with the kids. The Talk and Time Out. Let’s start with the easiest of the two, Time Out.

‘lil Miss A has been familiar with time out since not long after she turned one. Let’s face it, she was born with sass, and we knew it would be coming. She understood that time out meant that Mama and Daddy mean business. Unfortunately, now she welcomes time out for (three) minutes to “Think About It”. ‘lil Man, however, hasn’t had the need to go to time out as he is only 13 months old. Should he be going to time out this early in life? Honestly, I am not really sure, but I do know that today he needed a minute to “think about it”.

The kids were playing while Mr. Burgher was working on lunch and I was getting set up to do some work at home. A was content working on her Memory game at her own special table (where ‘lil Man really can’t get to, but today he managed to wiggle in to her space). He tried to knock all the cards off the table. I removed him from the situation and told him he should play with his trucks instead. He seemed to listen, even running “Rowdy the Trash Truck” along the table for a few moments, but he kept looking at A out of the corner of his eye. When I wasn’t looking, he went over to her again. I pulled him away again. He escaped and tried to eat a few cards (didn’t I mention someone was making lunch?). It was now a game and he needed to know I meant business. Off to the step we went. And he sat. And he thought. And I grabbed the camera at about 40 seconds in.

Someone looks like he is ready for a few minutes here and there on that step. Good thing he’s cute.


And then, there was the first instance of “The Talk”. When I woke the kids up, I realized all A’s clean underpants were downstairs, but she was already out of her pajamas and ready to get dressed. I took her into my room while I got ‘lil Man dressed. She asked if she could climb on the bed, and since she was naked, I told her that I didn’t “want any naked cuca’s on my bed”. I started to change ‘lil Man’s diaper and that’s when Smarty (no)pants, she had to ask, “Why is ‘lil Man allowed to have his naked cuca on your bed?”

I had nothing better to say than, “He’s allowed, one, because I am changing his diaper and two, because he doesn’t have a cuca.”

“Oh, well then, what is THAT?”, she asked, pointing (you know where). Crap. WTH. It was time to give “it” a name so that she knew boys and girls were different. “Well, that’s his wee, it’s what boys have instead of cucas.” Where was Mr. Burgher?!??! Why did I get stuck having to have this conversation? He was busy taking the dog out…let’s hope she never asks how that’s different!


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