Friday Things

As you know, we’ve been pretty busy here, so busy to the point Mama even wanted to hide at one point. At the end of a long week, there are a few things worth noting here.

1. Today, I earned my 25 pound club badge over at LoseIt!. It’s taken me three months, but it is off. In all, since having Evan, I am down 43.5, so worth celebrating. The road has been long, but I am comfortable with the way I am doing it and thankful for the support I’ve been given.

2. Mr. Burgher and I are sitting here enjoying some soup we got on a deal we found over at Lady Savings. Yes, we know it is the middle of the night, but soup = veggies = fullness. It could be worse. We I could be snacking on numerous snacks he got on a find over here.

3. We did have some of those snacks (thank goodness for a stockpile) on Tuesday when Mr. Burgher and the ‘lil Burghers picked cousin J and I up from the airport and it took us over an hour to pass the Heinz Plant. Yikes.

4. ‘lil Miss A and ‘lil Man are having a sleepover in-house tonight with my parents. A demanded to sleep with Grammie in what will soon be ‘lil Man’s room (as soon as we can figure out what to do with the stockpile and coupon stash)…but only after staying up past her bedtime.

5. Four nights ago, I tweeted about hearing the waves crashing. Tonight I am listening to heat blowing and snow plows. Isn’t travel (and weather) a good thing?

6. I am saying some extra prayers for a good person and her family. She’d do the same for any of us, so you should do it too.

7. Tomorrow is our (sort of) monthly day with my dad’s family which means shopping and dinner. We’re also getting family pictures of the ‘lil Burghers taken (we didn’t know about the get together and already had these scheduled). Mr. Burgher is sporting the start of a ‘fro, but it’s better than his playoff beard. 😉

8. We’re behind on pictures. We have them. They are just living on the cameras. Stay tuned.


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