Mommy Wants to Hide

As I walked to the computer to type up a little post (that I planned on titling, “Things Can Wait”), two things that couldn’t wait happened. ‘lil Man grabbed hold of my cup of Dr. Pepper 10, my one treat before dinner (that’s right, dinner isn’t in my belly yet) and spilled it all over the end table, carpet, and onto our camera backpack (full of lenses). It was clean up time and soothe ‘lil Man time. Then ‘lil Miss A asked me, “Mama, don’t you just want to hide?” Poor ‘lil thing, because right now? Yes, yes I do want to hide.

One would think after coming home from vacation that I would be rested and relaxed, ready to take on the world again…but I am not. I am exhausted, and just really want to have a good cry in the shower while sipping Dr. Pepper 10 from my extra large wine glass. Maybe then I’ll feel better?

I guess I want to hide because I feel so busy…I thought this crazy feeling would end after my senior year of college, but my world really hasn’t slowed down a bit. There are things on my list (as long as my arm) that really need done, but I don’t know where to begin or where to put the most attention. For starters, there is work. Today was an 11 hour day (hence the fact that dinner is just now getting going) full of brain exercises and preparing for three major changes impacting me at the office–my transition, the Service Desk changes, and the new software. You’re exhausted, too, right? There is unpacking my suitcase and bags from my trip, cleaning of seashells before everything starts to smell like dead jellyfish. Groceries need bought (of the healthy kind), and bills need paid (the desk is in a sad state of affairs). Our Flickr account needs activated and pictures uploaded. My vertigo came back pretty bad last night, too, so appointments and phone calls need made. My glasses and contacts need picked up (hoping they work for my eyes). There are two reviews / giveaways I need to post for you. And my kids and husband need to see me smiling.

I thought for a second about censoring our page today, but it felt like too much effort with all that on my plate. Just getting it all out here on the blog helped a ton. It’s helped me prioritize (dinner, kids’ bedtime, tv nosh for a bit with husband, then back to work in the morning versus logging some more time tonight) and feel better–that I can do this!

Anyone else feeling behind right now? What do you do to ease the stress?


4 responses to “Mommy Wants to Hide

  1. I always go by the motto by Mary Kay Ash – “God first, family second, career third” Everything else falls into place after that. She says when you do it that way everything becomes clear in your life.

    Have a great evening with Greg & good luck tomorrow at work with the changes.

  2. I have felt behind for a year and a half! I just do what I can each day. The stress I try to ignore. It doesn’t work so well. Some days are better than others. I can’t catch up let alone get ahead. On anything.

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