Yeah, We’re In Trouble

The kids are in bed, with a little resistance, and that means it is a Friday night to spend catching up on work and to do lists cozied up on the couch watching some of our DVR’ed shows. Fast forward 16 years, and we are in some serious

T R O U B L E.

I mean, with eyes and a smile like that? That kid is going to have his choice of the ladies. He’s already mastered the flirt (and the sucking up–you should have seen him eating dinner on Aunt Wink’s lap and the cookies he begged from Pappy). He’s got a love of cars (“VROOM!”) and his daddy’s charm.

And then there is this actress. She has her Mama’s (constantly running) mind and her daddy’s wit. Steely blue eyes and a mischievous grin, ready to melt anyone’s heart.

Yeah, we’re in trouble.


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