Happy Now?

‘lil Miss A has a keen sense of when I am not myself. When she sees me smiling again, she quickly asks, “Mama, are you happy now?”. Usually I get to reply, “Sure am!”, but she’ll call me on it if I can’t say that. I am glad that we have kids that can keep us happy…always making us smile.


And now, it is time to offer all of you a big, huge thank you. Thank you for putting up with us all the times we had to turn down a night out. Thank you for understanding why our idea of fun was staying in and playing games, or why we asked for practical gifts for our kids. Thank you for understanding when we couldn’t go on vacations or had to bum a ride somewhere. Thank you for not (outwardly) judging when all I ate was a pack of crackers. Thank you for putting up with our cheapskate ways. Why? Well…

Guys? Mr. Burgher and I pulled off a HUGE task. I began this journey alone in late 2007, and now, just over 4 years later, I can say we are free! I’ve blogged about this before, but we are finally here. Ok, so here still involves a mortgage, car payments, and student loans, but we are free to the tune of a complete second mortgage payment PLUS some. Thank you all for understanding and being there for us.

Tonight, we did what we’ve been wanting to do, go out to dinner to celebrate (with a coupon, of course) this and another piece of good news in our world (I signed an internal job offer today). This sure makes up for a bad day yesterday, huh?


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