Welcoming in the New Year, I have a few resolutions that I want need to share with you. You’ll keep me honest, and I know that. The readers of our blog (thank you for the views!) connect with the posts in real life, so I am certain you’ll be helping me keep tabs on myself. While it might not be directly related to parenting and the kids, the truth is, the better me I am, the better I am for the kids. So, here it goes, my 2012 resolutions!

1. Lose weight.
On New Years Eve, I vowed that my brother and I would work together to become half of the people we are today. Now, that’s a bit drastic, but not completely out of reach. Many of you know that he has been working hard with the exercise bike (and doing awesome!) and that I have attempted the Couch to 5K and eating healthier. With the help of my nutritionist and work friends, I have already shed 20.5 pounds since the end of October (and almost 40 since the day I had ‘lil Man). This goal is possible, we are both going to be “different people” by next New Years, I am sure of that. Without putting a number on how much I’d like to lose, I will just put it out there that I want to end the year weighing less than I do at this moment.

2. Get Fit by working out 3 times a week.
While I had to stop running until I get better at Goal 1, my plans for the year are to be back at it by fall. I have been lifting weights, but want to get better at it. I need this goal to be SMART, and hope to work out 3 or more times a week. Right now, I am starting out with 15 minute walking videos or watching TV on the treadmill, but I will get there. I’d love to be able to run alongside my friend C who really inspired me to start in the first place…and to perhaps run in a fall 5k in the Burgh.

3. Take a picture of each child daily.
This is a goal of both Mr. Burgher and I. Last year, we set out to the Project 365, posting a photo a day to my Facebook. We did ok until the fall, and then things went and changed up on Facebook. The goal this year is to take one photo per kid each day (with the Canon, NOT phone), and post it to Facebook.

4. Blog daily.
Last year, this was pretty much a habit, so this won’t be hard to do. The bonus is that we’ll be taking a photo a day, and there will definitely be more than one to share. The blog will not suffer, but blossom because of this!

5. Volunteer once a month.
In same way, shape, or form, I’d like to volunteer monthly.

6. Go on a date once a month.
It’s hard enough to keep up the romance being married. Add in kids (one of which has been part of our lives since before we were a couple), and romance takes a back burner (or so we hear). To help this, Mr. Burgher and I are going to date each other once a month. We’ll experience new things in our city and get to know each other a little bit better.

7. Spend more time with friends.
On the day after Christmas, we went over to the ‘Skis and realized we hadn’t seen each other since September October at A’s birthday party (and we were so busy, I don’t know that it really counts. Another friend, who’s been in my life for 25 years…well…I haven’t seen her in ages either. I plan on getting to see friends more often this year.

8. Save more money.
Not only are we doing amazing at saving money by couponing (thank you, Mr. Burgher), it is now time to start saving more money from each paycheck. While the past few weeks have been tighter than I’d like to admit, the sun is starting to shine. We’ve paid the last payment on my huge credit debt, and will start to dig out of the paycheck to paycheck hole this month. Sure, there are still other bills to pay, but I am hoping to put a little more toward each to make the overall impact be felt sooner. We are getting better at this, and can only keep climbing. By the end of the year, it’d be great to be able to say we’ve paid off another $10,000 or so in student loans or car payments.

9. Finish three scrapbooks.
I need to do ‘lil Man’s baby book and a 2011 book for each of the kids. Thank goodness that the annual Myrtle Beach Scrapbooking trip is coming up in just over a week, and Denver is just a flight away. I can do this!

10. Get closer to God.
We still haven’t found a nearby church that we both feel comfortable at, but we’re working on that. I know that without God, the blessings of ’11 would not have happened. Sure, we get to my dad’s church every so often, have A in catholic pre-school, and say prayers…but it isn’t the fellowship we need. This is a journey, and I know God is working on the answer.

11. Prepare ahead for Christmas.
This year, we were lucky to be able to give to Stuff-A-Bus (Toys for Tots) and a few things for Christmas Crazy and have a good Christmas for our kids, but I found us scrambling to make sure bellies were full and lights stayed on. I resolve that will not be the case next December. I am already building up a fund from a few coupon deals resulting in gift cards and watching for deals as they come across my Reader feed. I want to make sure that Christmas is good for not only us, but others…so I’d be happy to do it without stress.

12. Travel and enjoy family.
We never know how long we’ll have each other, so Mr. Burgher and I are working on plans to travel and enjoy times with family. I’ll be scrapbooking with my cousin and friends in January, and ‘lil Man is going to spend some time with his SC Grands. We’re working on plans for Vegas (mancation), Denver, SC, and a trip with my parents. It sounds like I’ll be off on some training trips again this year, all a huge blessing to get away, develop, and come back refreshed. When we get to take these trips, we’re making more memories and enjoying each other, what a fun resolution!

What do you resolve to do this year? Feel free to comment below or link to your own blog below. I know I’ll be linking up to a few other bloggers’ sites–and they have some great plans for ’12, too!


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