Eating Everything in Sight

A few weeks ago when our friends were in town, ‘lil Man decided he wanted the same snack the twins were eating. A few Cheerios went down just fine…followed by goldfish…fast forward two weeks to brunch with the ‘Ski’s, and ‘lil Man is enjoying one of Mr. Ski’s deer sticks. Now he eats everything in sight (with the exception of shellfish and peanut butter, as directed by our pediatrician), and loves this freedom. You all know how good he is with cake. He had New Years “Bossy” with my parents. Today, he enjoyed being fed a sandwich as if he were a bird (bits of ham and bread fed to him by A), and simply couldn’t get enough. I have a feeling that we are not far away from him just going ahead and eating a burger off Pappy’s grill!


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