Time for a ‘lil Gaming

Every year, the Christmas holiday seems to come and go so quickly, perhaps because we are so busy in the hustle and bustle of the season. Like I said the other day, we like to keep the Season going and alive into the New Year. Our family helps with that tradition as we typically hold events in the days following the start of the year.

Today was no exception. My mom’s family got together down at the Waterfront for a meal and gaming at Dave and Busters. Instead of our usual card game to steal the presents, we got a package deal that included Power Cards. Personally, I welcomed the change because it was a different location than usual and spiced things up a bit. Our kids loved playing the games–‘lil Miss A chose coin pushing games with Grammie, and ‘lil Man…well…he’s an early addict.

As Mr. Burgher and I walked through the games, he kept pointing to ones he wanted to “play”. First, he lead us to Frogger, but we felt it was ripping us off (and honestly, I didn’t get the point of the game since I am more an Atari fan anyways). After we walked away from that game, he pointed to “Super Monkey Ball” and all three of us were addicted.

Soon, Grammie, ‘lil Miss A, and others in the family gathered around. I navigated through the banana paths and earned a chance at the Jackpot…well, I hit it and win 597 tickets! ‘lil Man looked pleased at his choice and gave his “Yay!”.

After the kids picked their prizes (A a soccer ball and microphone for singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, E a D&B bear), we hit the road to get home in time to watch the second half of the Steelers game. As usual, it was cheering, towel waving, and anxiety down to the last second. I proudly wore my 86 jersey as Hines got his 1000th reception and we got the win.

We’ll take that fun as a great way to ring in the new year together. What did you do today to celebrate the New Year?


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