The Gift of Giving

This Christmas, our house will be full of love and laughter. There will be toys under the tree and food on the table. What is even better is that I know we’ve given the same gifts to many other families here locally. There was Stuff-A-Bus, Burgh Baby’s Christmas Crazy (uh, can’t we all be like Benjamin?), the box for our soldier, and the AIDS angel. Oh, and the Food Bank–‘lil Miss A still reminds us that we need to make bags of food for the Food Bank (how awesome)!

We truly are thankful that we are able to help others this holiday season (and all year long thanks to Mr. Burgher’s mad coupon skills), but I can’t help but wish we could do more. In the meantime, we’ll be praying for love and peace for others. May this Holiday season be merry and bright for you and yours!


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