Saturday Morning

I remember when Saturdays were for sleeping in.

I remember when Saturdays were for eating cheerios rolled in peanut butter and sugar then covered in milk. (How I made breakfast for me and my brother as a kid in early elementary years.)

I remember when Saturdays were for lounging around in pajamas and watching cartoons.

Today is not one of those Saturdays, but it darn well could be. I just chose not to participate in any being lazy activities and decided to get myself up out of bed early (8 AM). (Shh, that’s early in this house.) Nothing particular to get done, just a lot on my mind and I couldn’t sleep. Of course, I am yawning like crazy. My boys are sleeping soundly, all three of them snoring and snuggled in their respective beds. My girl is probably wide awake, too, but only because she is cherishing moments with her Grammie while my Dad and brother are off hunting. The house is clean, some presents wrapped, bills paid. I really have no excuse to be up this early.

But I am going to cherish it. God woke me up for a reason. Maybe it was to see the beautiful sun streaming through my windows. Or maybe it was to get convinced to go have some girlie time and shop with a friend. Whatever the reason, I am thankful for these moments.


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