A Clean House

This house is not dirty, but it is not clean. It is lived in. There is no doubt that we are raising two kids, cooking meals at home, and couponing to the max. Of course, this isn’t the way it always looks, but it works for the day to day.

Until yesterday.

Saturday night, we rearranged the living room so that the Christmas tree could go up. While we were doing this, we put some things in the toy room. Sunday morning when it was time to put the ornaments on the tree with the kids, I couldn’t find the camera. I went into the toy room to find it, and my foot went right into a plastic shopping basket. I. lost. my. mind.

It was time to clean the toys up. I’ve been begging for months that we figure something else out. Don’t get me wrong, I think the kids need toys and need a place to keep them…but the toy room is never used anyways. All of them end up in the living room while the toy room tv blares Dora. There was no point in letting this go on any longer. Mr. Burgher and ‘lil Miss A took the toys up the stairs while I organized everything into bins and toy boxes.

In the matter of an hour, we had a second living room reclaimed and ‘lil Miss A had toys in her bedroom. There were boxes to donate, bags of trash (items that simply couldn’t be salvaged), and clothes to sort out. Everything had a place! Before she went to bed, ‘lil Miss A even realized, “My dollies need to go back into their basket before I sleep!” That seems all too easy.

If only we could do an overhaul on the kitchen/pantry items…but I think that means we would need an addition or finished basement first. We did get a chance to clean out some of the kitchen, but owe a trip to the Food Bank in order to get rid of some of the extras (promise, this is happening soon!). In the meantime, we’ll see how good of a model we’ll be for ‘lil Miss A.

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