Christmas Decorating Begins


Our first decoration went up this evening, a “bad girl” that we got at Wendy’s grandma’s auction. ‘Lil Miss A likes her lots, good thing because I worried she’d be scared. Before going to bed, she told us, “Her name is Amy. And she has no eyes!”. Giggles galore.

My guesses as to why her name is Amy…that is the name of one of our aunts who has one and also has curly blond hair. Who can read the mind of a three year old?


2 responses to “Christmas Decorating Begins

  1. I can’t even lie, between that creepy doll and how creepy i imagine it being hearing my baby girl say that, all of those things make this post fall in to the category of creepy little white kids, the thing that scares me most. 🙂

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