Blessings to All

This morning, my feet hit the floor of a warm house filled with love, laughter, faith, family, and food. What a blessing.

This past year, my family and I have been able to help our community through our addiction to couponing. What a blessing.

Our daughter has began her school career as a Pre-3 student at an amazing private Catholic school. We could have done it, but today we give many thanks for the generosity of the Bravo Foundation for seeing and meeting a need for the children of our school. What a blessing.

Our son is growing quickly and will soon celebrate his first birthday…it’s rumored he may even have said “Mama” for the first time this morning (although he won’t repeat it). What a blessing.

Our relationship as husband and wife was definitely the work of God. We met by chance and fell in love at a time when we both needed someone the most. We continue to grow together and learn about love. What a blessing.

Our parents and siblings have been a constant support, prayer partners, and models of love. What a blessing.

We are proud to live in a free country (thanks to the protection of the men and women serving away from their own families). What a blessing.

This year, we’d like to give thanks for all of these blessings and pray that you have many things to be thankful for as well. Blessings from our family to yours.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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