Time Change

Hi there, ‘lil Man here!

You people and this silly time change stuff. I am getting tired when the sun goes down so early (you are taking away precious post-work time with my Mama!) and decide at about 7:15 it is time for bed. But by 9, I am back at it, wide awake and ready to play.

I laugh and giggle, show off my teeth (these bottom two I’ve had since August are getting six new buddies on the top, all at once, let’s talk about OUCH), and play with my blocks. Sometimes Mama and Daddy let me watch shows with them, but they turn off the stuff about wolves and turn on shows about coupons or a bunch of wives–where is Dora and Ming Ming at this time of night?

Then, just after the news, I am ready for bed again, atleast for a little while. You see, my Daddy has this magic bag beside the bed that keeps a nice, full bottle for me and goes in my tummy around 1:00 then again at 4:30 before Mama wakes up and feeds me in the morning. I am getting all kinds of spoiled. Sometimes, Daddy and I try to keep Mama up with us, but we know she works while we get to play, so we understand…we just want to spend every minute with her.

Time change didn’t do nothin’ to me, nope, nothin’ at all!


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