Moon, Clouds, and Glue

Last nightTonight (oops to trying to schedule a post) on our way to repurpose tote bags with The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project at Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, the moon was absolutely amazing. I didn’t take a picture, but allow me to let ‘lil Miss A to explain.

“Mama, Daddy! There is the moon! It is was up in the sky. Do you see it in the clouds?” ‘lil Miss A danced in her seat and pointed excitedly to the (full?) moon tucked way up high in the big fluffy clouds.

“Do you know how it is up in the clouds, Mama? It’s stuck up there with glue!” (giggles abound, making ‘lil Man, Mama, and Daddy laugh, too.)

So there you have it! The moon is held up in the sky with glue.


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