We’re Lucky

“We’ve got a baby!” Four words have never made me cry like these did. Three years ago tonight, Mr. Burgher returned to his house after spending over 15 hours in Labor and Delivery with me (and a few other friends) while we anxiously awaited the birth of ‘lil Miss A. He told his parents that she had made her way into the world (and then had to explain that he wasn’t the one having the baby, but that I was).

When I heard A’s Grandma tell this story the other evening, it brought so many tears to my eyes. Mr. Burgher is that guy…the one who became a man he didn’t have to be. He fell in love with a single mom and her little girl and changed his (and our) whole world.

# # #

That night at the hospital, back when we were just friends, Mr. Burgher proved himself to me. He wasn’t afraid of what he might encounter (surprisingly, my Irish only got up once when he came to the room with an orange soda and I was on a IV only diet). He was a perfect gentleman, asking how I felt (and if I was able to feel contractions yet). He met my parents (who were decked out in Steelers gear and had just traveled the 11 hours from the Burgh to the Beach). He cried tears of joy when he heard ‘lil Miss A’s screams. After my dad, he was the first male to hold and love her (and he formed an immediate bond that to this day still calms her crazy).

Over the next few days, he came to visit from the time the hospital opened until it closed (is this the same Mr. Burgher you Beach family/friends know—he’s NEVER up and at ‘em!). He greeted me at the nursery window with a friendly kiss on the cheek and a proud, “Good job, Mama” that I will never forget. He stared at ‘lil Miss A’s wrinkled feet and bald head for hours. He wrapped, her cuddled her, and loved her. He made us all laugh. He came to the house and spent lots of time with us as we adjusted to new life.

# # #

We didn’t know it three years ago, but there is a reason Mr. Burgher was asleep on my couch the night before ‘lil Miss A was born. Eventually, he would need to tell her about the day she was born—and that he was there. A daddy and his girl, a bond that cannot be broken was formed. ‘lil Miss A and I were so blessed to have you as part of her big day, Mr. Burgher. xoxo


4 responses to “We’re Lucky

  1. Tears from this proud Mama/Grandma!! What a wonderful story, so sweetly told. We love and are so very proud of you all!!

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