Loves Me? Loves Me Not?


While taking a walk, I found these beautiful wild sunflowers. If A were here, I can’t help but wonder who she would call out the “Loves Me, Loves Me Not” rhyme to.

We’ve always known we were in for a life of trouble when it came to her and boys. She’s had a series of boyfriends already…OP, a little Canadian boy at the cottage, J and L (twins…), RC Cola (our soon to be cousin…she’s their flower girl but insists she’s marrying him), and her latest, a little boy in her class. Its even been rumored she’s said she has 8 boyfriends and gets in trouble for teasing other girls.

While I am not surprised she’s befriending the boys quickly, it makes me wish she had more girlie friends first. Just as much as we’re not ready for her to grow up, we’re not ready for dealing with heart break…even if she’s on the giving end.

…loves me….loves me not…


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