Night Before PodCamp


It’s the night before PodCamp and this Mama is having a hard time with coming up with one good, to the point blog post. You see, our kids are growing so fast, and there is so much to capture. I hope to be motivated to collect my thoughts and bring you high quality memories (and photos, ahem) in the coming weeks. PodCamp is always so refreshing for the fodder.

Mr. Burgher sent me the photo above earlier today. I remember buying Lil Man that outfit on Girls’ Day. I was almost 9 months pregnant, and I was at the Tanger Outlets in WashPa. The clothes were dirt cheap (read, that outfit cost $2), and the sizes were perfect. At 9 months, he would be fitting the fall clothes, I figured. This summer, I worried that outfit wouldn’t fit until spring, but thanks to solids and supplemental formula (sadface Mama), he hit a major growth spurt and now has substance (with his Daddy’s calves and Mama’s thighs). Now look at it. Perfect.

And that girl up there? She is growing too fast, saying the silliest things, but she is still our baby girl. Last night she went flying through the living room and ran her face smack into her chair. Tears and cuddles followed.

Did we mention Lil Man has been crawling? Yeah, no more secret crawling caught by Unca and Mama, but real true batten down the hatches stuff’s about to get real crawling. It’s been happening for the past few weeks, we just failed to officially mention that. His crib mattress is at the lowest because he is scaling it and “running” from end to end to find the keyboard or rattle of his choice. (We love how much our Lil Ones love music!)

I can’t say it enough, time needs to slow down. If you are going to PodCamp this weekend, I hope we meet up. I will be at the Meet N Greet as a greeter and also at the weekend Registration desk. Can’t wait to re-energize, meet new friends, and get a weekend with my biggest Burgher. 😉 Sadly, the kids will probably come home a foot taller each and be writing blog posts of their own.


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