To Do’s

There’s a list of a zillion things to do around our house.

+Sort, sell, donate the leftovers from our yard sale…then reclaim the playroom as a playroom with organized toys. We did buy two great toy storage pieces last week, so it’s time we get to it.

+Dishes need done.

+Downstairs shower needs fixed–it has been unusable since we moved in a year and a half ago.

+Coupons need sorted and clipped.

+A piece of siding the blew partially off during a spring storm needs reattached.

+The pool needs closed (sad face).

+Scrapbooks need created.

+Baseball cards need reviewed.

+Stacks of books and magazines need read.

But, we are too busy doing xyz (see below) to get any of the above done. Wouldn’t you rather do these things instead of those adult tasks? I thought so.

+Snuggling a sleeping baby.

+Coloring with Lil Miss A.

+Reading kids books and classic favorites like Clifford.

+Answering questions like, “what’s this?”.

+Sitting around our coffee table eating dinner and laughing together (note, our kitchen table is covered with giveaways from yardsale stuff).

+Spending a Saturday enjoying a movie marathon and watching Lil Man play with his rings and roller bar.

+Playing tag and peek a boo with Lil Miss A.

+Enjoying giggles before naptime.

All the other stuff can wait, right?


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