Our Little Helper

Yesterday, if you followed anything on my Twitter Feed or Facebook page, you are aware that we were traveling home from South Carolina. Why were we not on a plane? More on that to come. What did we do there? Again, more on that to come.

Anyone with kids knows that traveling with ‘lil ones for any extended time is not all that fun for Mamas and Daddies or the kiddos, but we sure are lucky to have such laid back kiddos who make the drive fun. A few highlights from yesterday’s travels, brought to you courtesy of our little helper, Miss A:

* As we went through the first of three tunnels, A asked if it was how Dora would go through the mountain. Of course, I said yes, and asked if she’d come along with me as I drove through. When we got through all three, she sang “We Did It!” and asked where Map wanted us to go next.

* When Lil Man needed his bottle, she was there to hold it up when his ‘lil hands got tired.

* During tired moments of the drive, she would sing “Love Like Crazy”, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, or “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. I even caught her singing her ABCs and counting from 1-13 (of course skipping her least favorites, 6 and 7).

* And finally, when Daddy pulled ‘Lil Man from his carseat at the last rest stop, he found chicken nugget bits. All she wanted to do was help make sure ‘Lil Man wasn’t hungry!

Can’t wait to share with you more of the highlights (and lowlights) of traveling to SC with our ‘Lil Ones. Stay Tuned!


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