Movin’ On Up {in diapers–a bonus post}

This morning I got a bit sentimental. I was nursing Lil Man and started spouting out {quick} blog ideas about the kids and some special moments of this past week. I had so many little moments, that I just couldn’t schedule them all this week–so today you get to hear me gush about our kiddos twice (three times if you happened to get a sneak peek at the post that will be published later this week about 2 teeth. . .oops to working on two devices at once).

Maybe gush isn’t the word here. I have to tell you, I got really sad this morning. I looked at Lil Man’s diaper and could feel hot tears welling up in my eyes. He is currently in a size 2 diaper. Unlike his sister, he never even touched a NB diaper and went immediately into a 1. We had planned ahead and bought just enough size 1’s. Now that he has been in 2’s for the last few months, we are on the last box of them (and honestly probably have just about enough to get us through this week). But it’s ok (in the world of money) because he is probably ready to move on up to the 3’s. The threes!!!

Lil Girl was in threes for as long as I can remember. Honestly, she just barely hovers over the top weight of a three at 28.5 pounds. The range on a 3 is so great (16-28) that it’s probably like wearing a size 22 and trying to shop at Lane Bryant–good luck, cause everyone else is buying the capri jeans way before you even think about it. I can’t say that we have planned ahead and bought a lot of 3’s (our couponing has slowed down as we’ve got a pretty full stockpile/donation chain), but we have enough to get us through summer. I have a feeling Lil Man (who only goes above 16 pounds when he’s ate a rice bowl followed by a good 6 ounce bottle–so says Mr. Burgher) will be in 3’s for quite some time.

Am I ready for it? No. Do I have a choice? No. There is no stopping our kiddo. He’s ready to start making this world his own, and there’s no stopping him (except Unca who caught him crawling to {successfully} chew up a napkin yesterday). Brace yourselves, world. Two ‘Lil Burghers are about to be independently conquering the world. Are you ready?


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