Getting Brave


Two summers ago, Mr Burgher and I couldn’t convince her that water was fun. Unca Ja did, however, convince her to ride her raft boat far out past the cottage docks (and giggles ensued).

Last summer, she would shriek in the pool unless you would allow her to claw you the entire swim.

This summer, she much prefers sitting on a raft and still whips out claws if you try to show her swim moves, but we are making huge steps. Sure. She cries out of fear that her toes aren’t touching bottom. She cries because she’s cold. She cries because she takes after Grammie and doesn’t want her face wet.

But yesterday, she was all about taking matters into her own hands, moving from being content sitting on the ladder to wanting to walk up and down it.

Soon enough, she will remember calling dolphin friends. Soon enough, her navigation will set in. Soon enough, we’ll be racing our fish-loving girlie through the waves.


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