Six Days in San Antonio

Last week, I had the pleasure to travel for work to a conference in San Antonio. Because I frankly pack everything but the kitchen sink and was probably really over the limit on carry on weight (thanks pump and cooler). . . Mr. Canon did not join me. You have to bear with some photos from the good ‘ol Nikon.

My home away from home was The Historic Menger Hotel. It was quite historic, which if you like that, it is beautiful. I had a fan in my room, an unusable balcony, and tile that made me proud of my bathroom.

The days were busy, but I was able to do some sightseeing in the evenings. My first stop was the Alamo (more of which I will discuss in a later post), the Little Village, and the Guadalajara Grill (again, another post forthcoming).

I spent some time walking the River Walk on Tuesday evening following my first time on an elliptical in 5 years (ow) and San Antonio’s first rain in thirty days (hello sauna). I walked down to a beautiful church, the San Fernando Cathedral, and found dinner at the County Line BBQ.

Wednesday, I got up the gumption to overcome my vertigo and go to the top of the Tower of the Americas followed by a quiet dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. It was incredibly windy up at the top of the tower, but I really enjoyed it. The best part of this experience was the 4D ride that “took you through Texas”–I love stuff like that!

What was supposed to be my last night in San Antonio, I took a streetcar to Lulu’s Cafe for some Texas sized portions.

All in all, it was a quick week, but a great time for learning, growing, and getting to know a new city. Thank you, SAT for the memories!


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