God Is In Control

I apparently needed a little bit more alone time, perhaps for some lessons that God needed me to learn. Last night, I was supposed to be getting home to my sweet babies and husband. We were going to spend the weekend by the pool, do a little grocery shopping, and attend my cousins’ birthday party. It was going to be an excellent weekend together. But it is not what God had planned.

Everything seemed to be going along all too smoothly. My shuttle, albeit 10 minutes late, got me to the airport with plenty of time to spare. The Delta ticket counter folks were incredible–friendly, hospitable, and talkative–just want I like to get me in the mood for a good flight. The TSA screening went so-so. I was pulled into the full body scanner because I had my hair pulled up in a hair clip (so they inspected my hair…). The pump (containing a certain cinnamon roll) was scanned twice, but Evan’s milk wasn’t even questioned (I told them about the milk, forgot to mention the milk had to come from a pump, oops). The free wi-fi was flying. The gate attendants looked cheerful and picked up the microphone to announce our boarding time (or so I thought).

Unfortunately, my flight to Memphis was going to be delayed. You know how they do the whole, “but don’t worry, it’s ok because we will only get you there a few minutes behind schedule”. Well, not a minute later, they said they had tracked the flight themselves and it looked like we were in for a 4:40 take off, getting us to MEM at 6:40. My flight to PIT was at 6:50, so my wheels started spinning. I ran to the next gate to see if I could get on a boarding plane to ATL (there’s always planes from ATL to PIT!), but no such luck. I returned to my gate (knowing that there was only one flight to PIT from MEM and I was NOT getting on it) and joined the 10 deep 2-sided line. While I waited, I noticed others calling customer service, so I started the same task.

It was nothing but bad news. I was looking at a next day flight with no accommodations overnight (read, either I am paying for it, or sleeping outside in the 100 degree heat). Atleast I was on a flight to take me home, right? While I waited, they announced the flight would be in a little earlier than expected, but as I confirmed with the gate agent, it wasn’t early enough. I was booked on the 5:50 AM flight and that was that. But my gate agent was kind and started working right away on a reservation for me to stay in Texas one more night. I might have appeared just a few notches over frazzled, but I made sure I was grateful (and laid on that “Rebecca Lynne” Southern Charm). In return, I got so much care.

Next, I went to the Baggage Service to find my bags. The kind lady there told me, “Honey, good thing you came for these! They said you were going to be back on the flight and I was just about to send them back to that plane!” Now, I am not sure what in the world she was talking about, because I was clearly not getting on that plane to MEM, but I just smiled and said, ‘well, thanks for holding them’ and off into the 100 degree Texas heat I went.

I probably got a little sunburn while I waited for the shuttle, but it was nice to see some sun (so sad that I didn’t get any new color while in town–I was cooped inside during all sunny hours). The shuttle driver took my bags and helped me up into the van (where he was definitely jamming to some Lupe–I must say it made me a good bit happier) and off we went.

When I got to the hotel that had been reserved for me, the DoubleT Tree Hotel, I was greeted with smiles and warmth. While the welcome agents took my information and prepared my reservation, they asked how I was doing and what they could do for me. Would you know that they listened to my “sob story” and then handed me “the Cookie”? (So, “the Cookie” is Double Tree’s way of welcoming their guests, but I sure felt like it was a special treat just for me thanks to the timing of which it was delivered).

I went to my room, my beautiful, quiet room in a back corner of the hotel, and started to cry. It was amazing–better than our room at the Rio in Vegas. A fridge and microwave were standard–so even though I had forgot about asking for one, it was already in The Plan. There’s a little couch, a pillow that reads “Sweet Dreams”, a large desk, and a flat screen tv. The toiletries are nothing but pure amazing, too. I really lucked out with this stay.

Sadly, there was no free wi-fi, so I figured I would sit down to my phone and catch Mr. Burgher up on the happenings while I pumped. My phone would NOT turn on. I plugged it in. It stared at me blankly. I pulled the battery and tried again FIVE times. Still nothing. I grabbed ‘the Cookie” and ate it. Pushed the on button, still nothing. Put my fresh milk away, still no turning on. About halfway through writing this post (which I’ll be uploading at SAT tomorrow morning), the phone mysteriously, without prompt, turned on.

While the events of last evening were stressful, we never know the reason why things don’t work out the way we want them to. I know that God has a plan for me, and that I will live that plan to the fullest. With this gift of more time for reflection and oneness, I will reap the benefits. I will rest and enjoy what I have been given. And I will be thankful, especially for all of the kindness that was sent my way throughout this “T and D” moment. Oh, and for “the Cookie”.


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