A Confession

I have a dirty confession to tell you.

Are you ready?

On Tuesday night, I changed E’s sheets for the 2nd time since he was born. Yup. That’s right, twice in 6 1/2 months. So I know you are thinking, her kid has been sleeping on “dirty sheets”. Not true.

One of my biggest peeves when A was little was changing sheets and the mattress pad in the middle of the night. This was all eliminated when I discovered cute sheet savers at Babies R US and faithfully used them. They’ve kept us from changing sheets, and it’s huge.

The first change was because I told Mr. Burgher it was a must. Three months on the same sheet just felt wrong.

Tuesday, however, was a different situation. So…I haven’t admitted this one either because I’ve been knocking on wood since the day he was born. I have NEVER been pee’d on by Lil Man! Well, I can know make the announcement. . . while changing his diaper in the crib, I felt a warm squirt on my hand. Before I could grab the diaper, he had shot the sheet. I was so proud of the fact that I could “contain” the accidents and there he went and laughed at the end of my streak. Oopsie, Mama!

2 responses to “A Confession

  1. We’ve only changed Cheeks sheets once in seven and a half months. And then only because she spit up on them….she was in the crib while we changed the sheets on OUR bed….the one she sleeps in!

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