Pardon the Interruption

…but I haveto blog about this awesome giveaway that I am entering and that you should enter, too! Little shameless plug and free marketing for two of my favorite bloggers, too. So why not?

Earlier today, Marine Parents added a few beautiful new items to her Etsy Shop. . . one in particular that grabbed my eye was this beautiful iPad sleeve, you know, for my non-existent iPad.

Photo Courtesy of Marine Parents’ Etsy Shop

Then tonight, I am cruising around the webs, and read Uppercase Woman‘s blog. Guess what? She and Buy More Contacts are giving away an iPad 2! All you have to do is leave her some comment love, but there are extra entries for Tweeting about the contest and for blogging about the contest. I figure, why not? If when I win the iPad 2, the first thing I’ll be doing is putting in my order for the sleeve from Marine Parents. Sounds like a win-win situation to me, right?

Head on over here to Uppercase Woman and put in your entry for the iPad 2! While you are at it, you should think about heading over to the Marine Parents’ shop, too!


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